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Easy Way Towing is a 24 hour roadside and accident assistance company. They have excellent storage facilities for all types of vehicles and can boast with damage free towing.

The company was established by Julie Nunes in 1991. The long hours, dedication, perseverance and hard work eventually paid off; although the towing industry has a reputation of being ruthless Julie was accepted as an equal in a man’s world. Having run the full cycle from hooking a car to running an efficient and competitive business, Ronnie Hart joined Julie in 1997 and together a formidable partnership was formed.

Towing has evolved from hooking cars to roadside assistance which includes taking petrol to clients, jumpstarts and any kind of roadside assistance you can think of. “Lending an ear to a disgruntled owner of a broken down vehicle as well as showing compassion to an accident victim, is part of their daily duties,” says Julie.

Collectively Julie and Ronnie have 35 years of experience and there is always room for more knowledge. Both partners had long time ambitions to be self employed, whilst being prosperous one has the pleasure of contributing to the workforce of this nation’s building process.


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